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Version History
PeoplePower - Version History

  • Fixed a problem formatting Pictorial Directories where long listings at the bottom of a column or a page could get separated from their picture.
  • Fixed a crashing problem on Windows when trying to delete a very large picture from a People record
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v3.0.1.4 that prevented modifying an existing membership record.
  • Fixed problem with printing pictorial directories on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed two membership records for a person to both have 00/00/00 begin date.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed changing Donation funds of existing donations via the fund popup menu.
  • When editing a People record, the Family Phone sometimes did not properly update. It could be blank or it could be the phone of the last record edited. However, as soon as you clicked into the phone field, it would update to the correct number. This was cosmetic only and did not affect the actual data.
  • Fixed a problem where, if a Giving Unit had been used but did not have givers, the Giving Unit could not be made inactive or otherwise modified.
  • Fixed a bug where pledge amount remaining was not being rounded properly in the list of pledges.
  • Fixed a bug where Pledges were not properly updated when entering Donations. This fixes the problem and recalculates all monies received for all pledges.
  • Added Check Number field to Donations. When printing Daily Reports or Giving Unit Statements, the Check Number, if present, will print in brackets at the beginning of the list of distributions.
  • Added Statement sequence number option to Giving Unit Statements.
  • When entering the Giving Unit module, PeoplePower will now look for any addresses that have been changed in the People module and show a dilaog informing the user. The user can then choose to view those records needing address updates.
  • A new menu item, “Show Address Updates”, has been added to the Giving Unit module Selection menu. This will show all Giving Units whose givers have had their addresses updated in the People module.
  • A new button, “Update Address”, has been added to the Giving Unit Info screen. This button will update the Giving Unit address to that of the selected GIver’s address in the People module.
  • A new button, “Address OK”,  has been added to the Giving Unit Info screen. This button is only visible if one or more of the Giving Unit’s givers has had their address updated in the People module. If you want to keep the current address for the Giving Unit, click this button.
  • A new option has been added to the printing of Giving Unit statements that allows the funds to be summarized hierarchically as can be done with the Donations Daily Report.
  • Fixed bug that locked up Preferences window for a new data file. When a new data file is created, the Preferences window is automatically displayed. When the user tried to enter a default fund or telephone format, the program would lock up.
  • When importing names & addresses, family phone numbers would not have the default phone format applied. The phone number was imported, but was not visible in directories or from the People module until the format was manually applied. This update fixes the bug and applies the default phone format to all existing family records where it is missing.
  • When importing names & addresses with the option, “fields are surrounded with quotes”, the first field on each line would be imported with a leading quotation mark if the field was alphanumeric. This has been fixed.
  • When importing names & addresses, the newly imported records would not be visible until the user chose “Initialize Lists” from the Special menu. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented searches for people “in any group” or “not in any group” from working.
  • Fixed a major bug in the demo version that caused errors to occur that prevented the program from being used.
  • Fixed error when searching for contacts based on contact type.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes prevented the uses from entering a second line in the address field of a People record. This happened whenever the cursor was in the “Find” box (above the list of names) before editing an existing record or when creating a new record.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “View” menu to sometimes not be rebuilt correctly, even if the user had chosen “Initialize List”. The user had to restart PeoplePower to correct the proble
  • Added Envelope number to the information displayed about a Giving Unit when entering a Donation.
  • Added Envelope number to the Daily Donation report. The user can choose to sort by Giving Unit name or envelope number.
  • Added a new User Report for Givers. Previously, the Giving Unit User Reports would print a line for each giver. In this version, a Giving Unit User Report will print 1 line for each Giving Unit. The new Givers User Report will print one line for each Giver in a Giving Unit.
  • When entering attendance, the name, address and age of the participant is now dipslayed when you click on a participant. This allows you to verify the correct person when more than one participant has the same name.
  • Fixed bug that prevented deletion of Givers from Giving Units.
  • Fixed bug that prevented voiding of Donations unless the user first clicked in the Description of a Distribution.
  • Fixed bug where marked records were not being cleared after doing a Show All.
  • Fixed “in the period” search by Donation Date. Previously, the search would return donations before the start date instead of those within the indicated period.
  • After performing a search, the “What to do” option (i.e., Replace Selection, Remove from Selection, etc.) was retained and applied to the quick searches done by making a selection from the View menu. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed problem where an extra, empty membership record could be created when editing a person’s membership.
  • Fixed error that appeared when adding a new participant to an activity from the attendance screen.
  • When adding or deleting participants from an activity, the sort order is now retained.
  • Fixed a bug (Windows only) that caused a new data file to not be given the proper extension (.4DD). To open existing data files that were created with previous releases of v3, you must first add the extension .4DD to the name of your data file.
  • You can now enter multiple meetings on the same day for an activity.
  • Fixed bug that would cause address information to be lost when adding a new person to an existing family as follows: Choose “New Person”, type in existing family phone number and name, choose from the list of families. If a new family member was added via “New Family Member” the address information would not be lost.
  • Fixed donation graphs in People module to correctly reflect all of the Giving Units that a person has been in.
  • The previous donation date is now remembered when choosing a date from the pop-up calender while entering multiple donations.
  • Fixed the Donations by Fiscal Year analysis graph which incorrectly showed double the actual amounts for each fiscal year.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error type 53 to occur when entering donations by using the Enter key while the cursor was in a distribution line. The error would occur on the next donation when tabbing out of the Date field.
  • When searching for Activities based on having participated within a given date range, it appeared that the start date would be used for both the start date and the end date. Internally, however, the entered end date was being used. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed error when trying to view private notes or contacts.
  • The subject for a note is now required. Previously, if the subject was left blank, the note appeared to be missing when viewing the list of notes.
  • Default salutation for Giving Units no longer has a space at the beginning of the name.
  • Fixed a problem where new Giving Units would not show up in the choice list. This required reinitializing lists to get the names to show up.
  • Fixed size of window for adding participants to an activity while entering attendance.
  • If the list of meeting for an activity was sorted and then you tried to edit a meeting, the wrong meeting could be brought up. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug in Directory Book (5-1/2” x 8-1/2”) that could cause blank pages to show up in the middle of the directory.
  • Fixed bug that would cause preferences to not be saved when creating a new data file.
  • Fixed bug where, after adding a new People record and then immediately editing the same record, the wrong (or no) information would be displayed.
  • Fixed problem that prevented the View pop-up menu from updating correctly after modifying the membership, activity, groups or events choice lists.