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Version History
Sermonizer - Version History

  • After performing a search based on text, the word or phrase searched for is now automatically highlighted in the text of the first sermon found.
  • When saving a sermon, the scroll position of the text is now retained. Previously, the scroll was set to the top of the document, although the cursor remained unchanged. This would happen even while working on a document, forcing the user to scroll down to the cursor position after saving.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a template from being saved. Previously, the user would get the error message “This record is being used by you in the User/Custom Menus process”.
  • Enlarged buttons on entry form for Topics. Previously, the text of the “Cancel” button was cut off.
  • Fixed a bug (Windows only) that caused a new data file to not be given the proper extension (.4DD). To open existing data files that were created with previous releases of Sermonizer, you must first add the extension .4DD to the name of your data file.
  • Fixed bug that limited Series, Topic and Location names to 30 characters. These can now be up to 80 characters long.
  • Fixed bug that prevented locations and topics from being entered on the very first sermon added to the database before the record was saved. Previously, the locations and topics could be entered only after the sermon was saved.