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What is PeoplePower®?

PeoplePower® is a comprehensive, affordable management system for churches, clubs and not-for-profit organizations of any size and will run on Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Designed with volunteers in mind, it's incredibly easy to use and easily customizes to meet the needs of any organization. It's unmatched analysis engine will help you take the temperature of your organization by uncovering historical trends and plan for the future.

In addition to keeping name and address information, it also keeps historical information about individuals' attendance, activities, donations, pledges and membership, even after they have died. This allows historically accurate reports to be generated, such as: ten years ago, who attended the organization? What were the donations like? How many members were there? You can plot a graph of attendance or contributions over the last 10 years, etc. Or, you can generate an Attendance Frequency report. Or, you can track people's relationship to the organization: When did they first visit? When did they become regular attenders? When did they become members? All of this information is stored in a clear, uncoded format. You don't have to make up abbreviations or remember arcain numbers for funds or activities.

The integrated word processor allows you to compose letters and send emails without having to use another program. Keep all of your correspondance, notes, meeting minutes and emails directly within PeoplePower so that you will always know where they are. Did you ever try to find the minutes of a meeting where you tabled a motion? Loose track of who you sent visitor letters to? Use PeoplePower’s powerful search capabilities to instantly find anything within your word processing documents.

PeoplePower® is a relational database, meaning you don't have to enter common information twice. For example, certain information is common to all members of a household, e.g., address and home phone number. All family information is entered once for the entire family. This saves time and ensures accuracy.

PeoplePower® can export its data so that other programs can use it and can import data from other programs; so, if you already have a database that you are using, you won't have to re-enter that information in PeoplePower®.

In addition to many pre-defined reports and graphs, you can design your own custom reports and labels and save their definitions for later use. PeoplePower® has very powerful search capabilities, and you can save your search criteria for later use.

PeoplePower® has a complete password protection system where you can add, delete and modify users as necessary.