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Version History
PeoplePower - Known Problems
  • Rotated text on charts on Windows: Text is highlighted and will disappear if window is redrawn. It will print as black boxes. This affects distribution graphs. There is no fix at this time.
  • If you quit PeoplePower while in the People, Activities, Donation or Giving Unit modules the following message appears:  «Some 4D Chart offscreen areas were not deleted.» To avoid this message, first leave the module(s) by clicking on the Done button at the bottom of the screen(s) before quitting PeoplePower.
  • When printing on Windows, the page range may be incorrectly set. You should check to make sure the range is from page 1 to a sufficiently high number like 999. Simply selecting Print All will not solve the problem.   
  • The print preview check box for reports may not work properly on Mac OS X. Instead, you can click the Print Preview button when the Print dialog appears. The print preview check box does work properly for customizable Directories.
  • When entering donations for the first time for the current fiscal year, if you click on the analysis tab, the amount shown in the graph may be incorrect because the default date range does not include the new date. You can change the date range from the Options button. Or, close the Donations window and reenter it.