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All New PeoplePower 3.0 has been released!

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The heart of PeoplePower® is the People Module. Here, you can instantly view all of the information about the people in your organization. The People Module's unified screen allows you to quickly browse the list of people and view the desired person's record all from the same screen. You can also start typing the person's name in the find box and PeoplePower's® auto type-ahead will find the person who's name you are typing and scroll the list of names as you type. When the name of the person you're looking for is highlighted in the list, just hit the return key (enter key on Windows) to load the record.

The tabs across the top of the screen separate the information into logical groupings:

  • Info- this tab summarizes all personal information, e.g., name, birth date, personal phones and email address. It also includes a summay of information that all family members share in common, e.g., home address and family salutation as well as the individual's current membership status.
  • Organization - this tab lists the activities the person is currently involved in or a complete historical list of involvement. You add the people to activities right from this screen or from the Activities module. This tab also contains the groups they belong to and special dates (events such as baptisms, first visit, etc.). Groups allow you to associate people together in unlimited ways. Use them to track interests, talents, keys, mailing lists and more.
  • Donations - this tab lists the donations the person has made to your organization - either for the current fiscal year or a complete history. You can also view graphs of the person's donation history from this screen.
  • Pledges - this tab lists the pledges the person has made to your organization - either for current pledges or a complete history.
  • Contacts - this tab contains the contacts you have made with the individual. Contacts use the integrated word processor for fully formatted letters. You can do mail merges and email merges.
  • Notes - this tab contains any number of general purpose notes that you want to keep on the individual. Notes use the integrated word processor.